The Difference

I was over my sister’s house earlier today and there was a moment in time where there was nothing to do. We finished dinner, so that was out of the way. We were going to make gingerbread men, but it was too early for that yet. So, we decided to go on the computer so she can show me her recent saved games on Roller Coaster Tycoon. We always played this game when we were younger. We played it for hours and hours and hours. It was that addicting. It was that fun. While I certainly don’t have time to play games like that anymore, I certainly would love to!
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It’s Not About The Tree

The holiday season has been quite crazy for my family this year for a multitude of reasons. To be perfectly honest, as I never will lie in my writings, several of my family members had surgery, some worse than ever expected, one, if untreated, could have resulted in death, as well as a family member passing away – On top of that you had Thanksgiving as well as the rush for Christmas. I had my semester winding down which meant finals and finals and projects and projects. It was just crazy. It was nuts! From then till now, it was certainly a rocky ride but I survived, as well as others. It started to turn around for the better, but it still hasn’t been quite the same yet.
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One Week From Now – Systems A-Go!

It is December 4th, 2014 10:20PM ET at this very moment. In one week… Yes, one week from now… I will begin my short story project! I am truly excited for this!

I actually had to hold myself back from starting my upcoming short story because I am just so eager to get it started. Honestly, I want to sit here, dig deep into my inner mind, and let it all out on paper (or computer). Every single day I am drafting up different scenarios in my head that I can have in this short story. I NEED to have the story be captivating. I need the story to be interesting and entertaining. I can’t have people bored with it.
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The Synopsis Of My Upcoming Short Story

2010 was the best year in Paul‘s life. Paul had, what he thought, was a mediocre 24 years. He never thought his childhood was amazing, but Paul never tried to take anything for granted. It was hard for him sometimes; it truly was! Because of his attitude and self-confidence issues, he didn’t have too many friends. Sure, he had a few friends here and there, but because of his mediocre childhood, he always thought everything else would be mediocre at best. Paul was a hard worker though… He always tried to occupy his time with something. He had a job while he was a teenager. He finished school and attended college. Don’t get Paul wrong, he’s smart. He’s a fast thinker. However, to himself, he seemed like he was “just there”.
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Thanksgiving – More Than Just Food

I went to the bank Wednesday afternoon and waited in this semi-long line. I really didn’t have a problem waiting, but what I didn’t understand was that there was only one teller helping people. You would think that the bank would have more for the day before Thanksgiving… Where people will either be retrieving their money or depositing for not only Thanksgiving but for Black Friday and so on.
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