A Mystery Note

I don’t use my iPad that much these days. Why? Well, I have my iPhone, MacBook Pro, and iMac. If I am not on my iMac, I am on my MacBook Pro. If I am on neither, I am on my iPhone. Where does the iPad fit into the equation?

Well, I am trying to find ways to use my iPad. I usually use it for the WWE Network for pay-per-views as I can connect it to my television. But, that’s it. So, I am trying to use it more for my website’s social media accounts. Instead of pushing my phone into work overload, I want to use my iPad for “work” purposes. Well, tonight I brought out and turned my iPad 2 on to listen to music while I drafted more chapters for my next book. During my break time, I dug around my tablet and I found something that’s crazy!

I went into my notes app to look through my notes I wrote over the years. One stood out from 2011. I’m not sure why I typed it. I’m not sure what it is even supposed to be about, but it is interesting, intriguing, and I want to share it with you! Here’s what the note said:

Freedom rings
Freedom rings
I tell you that freedom rings.

Let us say, we can pray…..
All of our troubles away!
Let’s bring, that noteworthy thing…..
So we will never forget again!

Yes, it is a poem. I am not usually a poem guy, but I wrote one on here before. I do get in those rare writing moods. I find writing poems fun, though. Anyways here’s one that I actually think is good. Why did I write it? I have no idea. I will probably never know why. But, I saved it. It is truly one of my writings “from the vault”!

By the way, I’m typing this post from my iPad. I guess I found another way to use it! Cool!

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