The Meaning Behind Forever… The Story

Ever since I was little, I thought of myself as a creative person. I would have tons of action figures and every weekend, and every day during the summer, I would create these stories with these figures, or characters. I wasn’t even double digits yet and I thought of story telling and character development. I would do this for years and years.

I would then create stories and develop characters in this technology world on the Internet. I would write actual scripts for wrestling shows… Where I would create, plan, and develop these stories with specific characters. These shows would last about 10 pages long and I would do that every single week for almost two years. It was wild! However, it is something that I loved doing.

After those fun times, I went on a different path… I went on the path of reporting news and writing live coverage for wrestling. It was completely different than what I was doing. I wasn’t creating but merely relaying information from my head to yours. I enjoyed it simply because it was writing.

It has been about a year since I actually considered writing a book. There was a part of me where I thought it was such a stretch that I have no idea why I would actually think about it. I didn’t think it was possible. But, there were countless people who were telling me that I should write a book… And if I wrote a book they would read it. It really got me thinking. It really made me ponder. “Maybe I should write a book?” It wasn’t till the fall of 2014 when I really wanted to put my mind to it. I decided to do it. I wasn’t forced but I actually really, really wanted to do it! While I thought I needed to find a way to publish the book first, I realized that I actually need a book to publish. So, I took a step back and focused on the book. Here’s a little note for you – Never jump ahead of anything.

So, here I am… Wanting to write a book but I don’t have a story. GREAT! I juggled several story ideas in my mind. I wanted it to be simple yet effective. I wanted it to be realistic yet crazy. I don’t know how it happened, but a story popped into my mind about two con-artists. I then thought of a character who can be easily manipulative… A character who was a loner… A character who could be taken advantage of. I wanted the readers to be sympathetic about this character. I wanted them to feel for him. The story was created.

Here’s a little secret about Forever. There wasn’t much planning. I had 4 weeks to plan, write, and publish this story book. 4 weeks isn’t long. 4 weeks goes fast. 4 weeks is nothing when you consider publishing a book. That was my goal though. So, just a couple days after my fall finals of college, I started the first page of Forever. The story just flowed. I planned as I went… Not exactly knowing where I would go. It was one night where I thought of the ending and I knew I had to get to that point… Just getting to that point was a challenge. It worked. It turned out great, in my mind. Everything made sense. A 20 page short story turned into a 40-50 page story. Hey, that’s fine by me. You get more bang for your buck… You get a riveting story. People always say less is more… But I think this instance… More is more!

As for the events in the story… As for some of the parts in the story… How did I come up with that? Honestly, it just came to me. Again, there wasn’t too much planning as 2 weeks were filled with writing the story, 1 week of editing and publishing, and then the last week was for plugging and advertising. Once I got done with one chapter I knew what the next chapter would consist of. It needed to be cohesive. I thought of ideas along the way and added them in, but it was literally… “I thought of this and I’m adding it.”

People who read Forever are using the words, “Odd” and “sick”. Someone said, “I didn’t see that ending coming.” Someone else said, “Good book.” A review I got yesterday was, “Bravo! Good job I liked it a lot.” The feedback I got from it is outstanding. I am so appreciative and thrilled of the responses. Some say it was sick and odd… But, to tell you the truth, that is what I wanted.

I am not going to write a fairy tale. I am not going to write some Disney book. That is not who I am. I have been creating stories and characters since I was a kid. I been watching the Halloween series since I was little. There’s a part of me who likes these strange characters. There’s a part of me who is fascinated by stories that have twists and turns and swerves. I love stories that throw you off and have some crazy element to it.

I like to think outside the box. I consider myself to be professional a lot of the time, but that doesn’t mean my writing can’t. I want to bend the rules. I want to take things to the next level. I have an interest in crazy stuff. I believe that crazy sells!

I look at Forever and, yes, it is out there, but I don’t regret it. If you look at the world, you can see how bizarre and crazy it is! I think it is safe to say that my writings will continue to question people. I want to take people on a journey that some may have never gone to before. Nothing is perfect. At the end, I don’t want to teach people anything, but maybe think about what can happen and how lucky they may be.


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