The Journey Has Been Completed

If you followed me on my Facebook page, my personal Twitter account, or my wrestling/writing related Twitter account, of if you just read my one post on this website, you knew I was writing a short story during my winter break. However, the process of this short story started way before winter break. In fact, it was weeks before as I pondered on the thought on whether I should write one or not. Once I decided, I had to brainstorm ideas of a story that I wanted to write. There were so many stories, some were bad while some were really good, but I wanted to pick one for now. That is what I did. I made up my mind, planned, and executed. For weeks, I wrote this story, got several people to critique it, and revised it several times myself. It was finished, so the next stop… PUBLISH!

That is exactly what I did. So, is the whole process complete? Absolutely not! I don’t know what the hard part is… Actually writing the story or marketing it! The story (book) is now available on the Internet for basically the whole world to see, but it is the process of letting the whole world know that makes it difficult.

There are several ways to get my short story book titled Forever. If you want a paperback form of the book, you can either purchase it on Amazon (at this link) or on CreateSpace’s estore (at this link). Both work, so it is a personal preference on your part.

If you don’t want a physical copy, you can get a digital copy and it’s easy! Just go to Amazon (at this link), and purchase it as an eBook if you are in the United States. If you are in the United Kingdom and want it as either a paperback or as an eBook, simply go to Amazon (at this link).

I know there are people wondering how they can get a copy of Forever in a digital format if they don’t have a Kindle but have an Apple device. That’s easy! Just go to the App Store and search “Kindle”. Download that first app that appears. Once you downloaded it, sign it or make an Amazon account. That Apple device will now be registered as a Kindle. Next, just go to Amazon by the links I have above (whether you are in the United States or United Kingdom), and purchase it. It wills say your device whether it is an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Once you bought it at a low price, kick back to your Kindle app and it will be downloading on there. When finished, it is available for eye consumption!

I can’t express enough how much this process means to me. It is not the greatest story… It may not even be that great of a story, but the first time for anything is always special – Whether it is buying your first car, your first paycheck, or riding a bike all by yourself for the first time. It’s moments like these that keep us going and interested. It is moments like these that we remember.

I have several ideas planned on different ways to advertise and market the book, but I am also talking and thinking of several ways where you can get the book elsewhere. So, stay tuned.

What I also want all of you to stay tuned to is the fact that this won’t be my last story/book. I got some great story ideas I want to write. I have yet to decide whether to make a second part of Forever, but that is certainly one of the ideas floating around in my never-ending mind. What about a novel? That is certainly an option too!

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