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The Understanding

I published an article on here about two months ago titled “Unable To Understand” (you can read it by clicking here). I am not going to explain what I wrote in that post because you can simply read it.

However, I do want to point out the part of that post where I tried to open up recently. As I stated, it didn’t go as I planned and it weighed on my shoulders. In fact, it was something that I constantly thought about even though I was told to “don’t think about it”. I had to though because it was a huge moment in my life, but others didn’t see it like that.
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Unable To Understand

I’m quite different compared to my family, more reasons than just one.

I don’t have the same traits as them. I don’t have their personality. I can’t relate to having a huge temper. We also have different aspirations from what I am doing in life and what I want to do in life.

However, we are all unique. We are all different. So, not being like my family is actually alright in that regard.
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The Meaning Behind Forever… The Story

Ever since I was little, I thought of myself as a creative person. I would have tons of action figures and every weekend, and every day during the summer, I would create these stories with these figures, or characters. I wasn’t even double digits yet and I thought of story telling and character development. I would do this for years and years.
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One Week From Now – Systems A-Go!

It is December 4th, 2014 10:20PM ET at this very moment. In one week… Yes, one week from now… I will begin my short story project! I am truly excited for this!

I actually had to hold myself back from starting my upcoming short story because I am just so eager to get it started. Honestly, I want to sit here, dig deep into my inner mind, and let it all out on paper (or computer). Every single day I am drafting up different scenarios in my head that I can have in this short story. I NEED to have the story be captivating. I need the story to be interesting and entertaining. I can’t have people bored with it.
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