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Almost A Year Later

I haven’t posted anything on here for awhile. If you followed me on social media (Twitter), you would know why. If you don’t know why, then let me explain. I have been extremely busy! This past Spring Semester, I had an internship at a huge accounting firm. It was for tax season, so you know how busy that was in itself. Next, I had a full semester with classes. On top of that, I still held my management spot at my current job. So, every day I had either class or work. Sometimes both. To even give you more of an idea, I tried to edit my novel that I produced. So, there – If you didn’t know the reason why I didn’t post on here… Now you know!
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Unable To Understand

I’m quite different compared to my family, more reasons than just one.

I don’t have the same traits as them. I don’t have their personality. I can’t relate to having a huge temper. We also have different aspirations from what I am doing in life and what I want to do in life.

However, we are all unique. We are all different. So, not being like my family is actually alright in that regard.
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The Journey Has Been Completed

If you followed me on my Facebook page, my personal Twitter account, or my wrestling/writing related Twitter account, of if you just read my one post on this website, you knew I was writing a short story during my winter break. However, the process of this short story started way before winter break. In fact, it was weeks before as I pondered on the thought on whether I should write one or not. Once I decided, I had to brainstorm ideas of a story that I wanted to write. There were so many stories, some were bad while some were really good, but I wanted to pick one for now. That is what I did. I made up my mind, planned, and executed. For weeks, I wrote this story, got several people to critique it, and revised it several times myself. It was finished, so the next stop… PUBLISH!
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Always Reflect This Time Of The Year

There’s only two more days of 2014 (Boy did this year seem to go by fast), and during this time I always look back on the year and reflect. I am sure many of you do as well. I look at the good and the bad and I try to decide if I had a positive or negative year. Sometimes it is neutral. Sometimes it is hard to just give a definite answer on what kind of year I had.
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The Difference

I was over my sister’s house earlier today and there was a moment in time where there was nothing to do. We finished dinner, so that was out of the way. We were going to make gingerbread men, but it was too early for that yet. So, we decided to go on the computer so she can show me her recent saved games on Roller Coaster Tycoon. We always played this game when we were younger. We played it for hours and hours and hours. It was that addicting. It was that fun. While I certainly don’t have time to play games like that anymore, I certainly would love to!
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