Always Reflect This Time Of The Year

There’s only two more days of 2014 (Boy did this year seem to go by fast), and during this time I always look back on the year and reflect. I am sure many of you do as well. I look at the good and the bad and I try to decide if I had a positive or negative year. Sometimes it is neutral. Sometimes it is hard to just give a definite answer on what kind of year I had.

When I look at 2014, I see some memorable moments that stick out. These moments certainly define this year for me.

The first moment that stands out is my move from a community college to a regular college. I transferred colleges and, quite honestly, I was nervous. I always been nervous about college ever since high school. I’m sure everyone gets nervous too, but I had a fear of failing. I had a fear of not being able to succeed in college. I didn’t think I would be good enough. After two years of community college, which really wasn’t bad, I put on my bigger shoes and stepped into an actual college. I received straight A grades in my first semester. I really like the college. I am glad that I not only applied there, but got accepted. I am very happy where I am education wise.

The other moment that sticks in my head from 2014 is the time that I interviewed one of the most controversial figures in the wrestling industry, Vince Russo. Not only did I interview him, but I also became a writer for his website, As you know, I just love writing and having another line of communication between me and people around the world is truly awesome. It is one more website that I can add to my growing list.

One surprising moment that came this year was being told that I will be an uncle. I knew it would happen some day, but I wasn’t rushing it nor did I even think it would happen this year. However, it did and I can’t be happier for my sister. We are counting down the months and while it will be born in 2015, the moment of the announcement happened this year and that will certainly stick in my mind.

To continue with the positive light, I went to Fleetwood Mac back in October of 2014 and it truly was one of the best concerts I went to. In fact, I went to two concerts this year, but Fleetwood Mac is my absolute favorite band and I can’t let that slide away. Seeing all of the members play together to hear some of my favorite songs was amazing! I love Fleetwood Mac!!

While all of those moments in time were great and fantastic, there were times this year that certainly came unexpectedly and in a bad way. Weirdly, it came almost all in November. In November, my mom had to have two surgeries and was in the hospital for around two weeks while my sister had to undergo surgery in quick fashion. Thanksgiving and Christmas truly wasn’t the same with the traditions we do every year, but at the end, it is all about health and safety. Sadly, also in November, my uncle passed away. While I wasn’t real close to my uncle, it was always great to talk to him. He was one of the funniest guys I knew.

During the year, I also made new friends. I am not a social junkie. I don’t go to many parties. I really am not interested. I am the type of person who, at times, wants to be alone. I don’t want to see anyone or talk to anyone. Just give me a keyboard and some music and I’ll type all day long. I don’t need to interact. But, there are times where I want to chat. There are times where I want to hang out with people. I met and hung out with a couple of new people this year and I am glad to call them my friends. There’s one who I really never wanted to hang out with or talk to, but once you get to know people you can see that they are actually cool and interesting. Now, I talk to the person almost every day. The other, who I met this year, was filled with fun and enjoyment as well as crazy and sad. I don’t have a lot of friends, simply because of my schedule, but I wanted to find new friends. This one person had the same interests as me so we had great chemistry. We talked almost every day, but there was a point where this person left me high and dry. Did I mind? Yeah, I did. I wanted a friend. I wanted someone to hang out with. Everyone needs time to get out and have fun. There was a time when this person stopped talking after months of being friends. I didn’t get it. It was hard for me. I wrote it about on my first post on this site, so you can check it out. But, it was just the other day where we started talking again and now patched everything over. Miscommunication and misunderstanding is never good. I am not here to preach but friends certainly do everything they can to continue on with friendships. They are friends if they truly care.

Reminiscing about this past year certainly opened my eyes on not only how fast the year went, but how crazy it has been. I had a lot of great moments, but also a lot of negative stuff that happened. But, at the end, I can clearly state that I am overall happy with 2014. I made new friends, I had a lot of opportunities (Don’t let me forget that I started this site this year as well), and a lot of enjoyable moments. Right now, I want to say good-bye to 2014 and welcome 2015. I certainly can’t wait to see what the year brings! I’m ready, I’m ready!

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