Many know me through professional wrestling. I have been writing wrestling related articles since 2008 whether that be opinion based analysis to actual scripts of wrestling matches to news stories to live coverage of wrestling shows. My life is centered around professional wrestling. I love it. I crave the business. I am so passionate about it. However, that is only one facet of my life…

The fact is, my mind is on a continuous cycle. My mind is like a merry-go-round that never stops. I am always thinking of stuff, and yes, that means outside of the wrestling business. I do not have the craziest life. I don’t have the most exciting life, BUT I certainly encounter strange and exotic situations that truly make for great stories.

Another fact – I want to write more than just wrestling. As stated, I have been writing about wrestling since 2008, but I always wanted to write about other topics. I always wanted to discuss other subjects. The problem is that I never had a place to do that. I can talk about it, but what about writing? I didn’t have a platform to share those other thoughts… those other subjects… until now!!

Here is “A Living Production”… a website that is strictly about my personal life. This website is where I am going to stray way from professional wrestling and write freely. If there’s a crazy situation that happened during my day, I will write about it. If there is a thought that pops in my mind, I am going to write about it. If there is something that I want to question, I am going to write about it. And honestly, nothing is off limits! My mind is crazy at times. I certainly don’t want to bury my thoughts and now I won’t have to!

The name “A Living Production” is quite symbolic. Truthfully, I feel like I am in a movie or on a television show. Sometimes I think stuff that happens to me is all a work. Sometimes I the stuff that happens is all fiction – Yes, I feel like I am on a set where a production crew should be filming the scene. My life feels like a production of some type of show or movie whether it is to make me look great or completely make me look stupid. Either way, it seems like I am a living, breathing, and walking production script.

Enjoy the journey. You’ll want the sanity but crave the insanity!

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