The Meaning Behind Forever… The Story

Ever since I was little, I thought of myself as a creative person. I would have tons of action figures and every weekend, and every day during the summer, I would create these stories with these figures, or characters. I wasn’t even double digits yet and I thought of story telling and character development. I would do this for years and years.
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The Journey Has Been Completed

If you followed me on my Facebook page, my personal Twitter account, or my wrestling/writing related Twitter account, of if you just read my one post on this website, you knew I was writing a short story during my winter break. However, the process of this short story started way before winter break. In fact, it was weeks before as I pondered on the thought on whether I should write one or not. Once I decided, I had to brainstorm ideas of a story that I wanted to write. There were so many stories, some were bad while some were really good, but I wanted to pick one for now. That is what I did. I made up my mind, planned, and executed. For weeks, I wrote this story, got several people to critique it, and revised it several times myself. It was finished, so the next stop… PUBLISH!
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